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Refine idea

Defining the final idea

How to define the best idea?

Sometimes there is a clear winner, an idea that stands out above the rest, but often ideas have to be chopped up, man handled and stitched together to create something that really solves the challenge you are tackling. The main thing here is to look at the evidence - what does the research indicate? Which ideas have the most support or comments? What have the stakeholders said? By no means will you have to have worked out all the details or have the perfect solution. This is about picking a direction to travel and simply saying, "this is what we are going to do".

Choosing an idea to take forward

In the challenge space you have the choice of using one of the top three ideas submitted by the community as is, tweaking one of the existing ideas or submitting a completely new solution that is then going to be taken forward to make it happen.

Ultimately the decision on which idea to take forward is in the hands of the project leader(s). It is worth taking time and consulting with the other leaders or team members, either through the Team Talk wall or personal messaging. When the final idea has been submitted it cannot be edited (on the site at least). 

Remember once it is set, that's it. It cant be changed so try to ensure your idea is described in a simple, clear way. The easier it is for someone to understand, the more likely they are to help make it happen!

Don't forget to share the idea via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn - and whatever other channels you use - to get the idea out there and generate interest.

Now its time to make it happen!

Once the final idea has been set, it's time to Make it happen.


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