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Make it happen

Making your idea happen

Crowd Pledging - how does it work? 

If you are a team member (or even a leader) you can pledge as much or as little time against the various wish lists that have been created. When you see a task, item, skill or funding requirement that you think you could help with simply click the "Pledge" or "Make offer" button under the listed request. Next you enter the number of items, hours, or money you wish to pledge with any relevant details i.e. description of what you can offer and click pledge. Once the wish list has had all its needs met, your details will be sent to the challenge leader who will then be in touch to arrange collection/ use of pledged resources. 

Start with creating wishlists

1. Tasks wishlist

The leader should create a task wish list and get everyone involved. Once the task list is created, team members can pledge to do tasks on the list.

2. Resources (materials) wishlist

Some challenges may need to buy or borrow materials (resources)for their project. For example, paper for printing, banners, prototyping props, Whatever you need, you can ask for, simply go to your resources wish list choose to add a material and fill in the details. You can choose if you need to keep or just borrow the items, add an item title and the number of items you need. Don't forget to add a clear description of the materials in question and include how it will be used to help the project progress.

Team members can pledge to provide you with the materials requested. Once all the materials have been pledged the leader will receive contact details from everyone that has pledged in order to arrange collection/receipt of pledged items.

3. Skills wishlist

Some challenges will require specific skill sets that team members may not be able to offer. Perhaps you need an accountant? or someone that can drive a minibus or make cakes?. Think carefully about what skills are required to make your idea happen and then use the list to request skills.

How do i find people with the right skills?

You can advertise your skill needs by clicking Edit wish list under skills wish list, and clicking add a skill. You can then choose your skill from the drop down list or if your required skill isn't listed you can create one. When choosing or creating a skill, it is important to understand that only those people who have said they have that skill can pledge to help your cause. With this in mind try to choose skills that are universally understood, and are broad you can then use the description to go into more detail. For example it might be better to use the title driver instead of minibus driver as a skill and describe the fact that the driver will need to drive a minibus. This will open it up to a wider audience and increase the likelihood of finding the skills you need.

4. Volunteers wishlist

Often all that is needed to make a great idea happen is people. You may need people with particular skills but sometimes you just need willing volunteers you are passionate about a project and can help out no matter the task. These people are the doers and are hugely valuable, make sure you have a clear idea of what you need volunteers to do and try to think about realistic time commitments. 

When making a volunteer request, try and be as clear as possible about the role you are after, the number of volunteers needed and in the description try to include as much detail as possible, the sort of tasks they will be doing, for how long, possible dates. Of course sometimes these will be hard to define early on and you might just be trying to establish a interested group of volunteers, but the better informed a person is the more likely they will commit to help you out.

5. Funding wishlist

Some of the challenge outcomes will be a business plan to seek funding; however there will also be challenges that require only a small amount of funding to kick-start the idea. Using the site you can request funding pledges from individuals, all you need to do is enter in an amount and users can pledge small or large amounts. Once the funding target has been met, the details of the pledges are then given to the challenge leader to arrange payment of the pledged funds.

Accessing additional support

Community groups who can demonstrate significant support for an enterprising idea, can request a business mentor from Shaped By Us who will use the toolkits to offer advice, help find funding opportunities and navigate their way through any barriers that may prevent them from making a good idea happen. 


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