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Please read this section carefully before committing to sponsor challenge.

What is a sponsored challenge?

A sponsored challenge is a challenge where an individual or organisation has, in good faith, committed a sum of money to support the development of good ideas to solve a challenge that is important to them. This is different from seeking support or funding for an idea.

How does it work?

Sponsoring a challenge is no different from sponsoring a charity event or individual doing a 100 k run, an amount is agreed in good faith.

A sponsor will automatically be part of the challenge team and they can set criteria that must be met in order for them to be happy paying the sponsorship.

An organisation or individual may agree to sponsor a challenge either when setting up a challenge or from a challenge page. A member of the SBU team will then contact the sponsor and confirm the amount and check they are aware of these terms and set the criteria.

Currently there is no functionality to take a payment online. It is up to the challenge leader and sponsor to agree payment method or release of funds. Shaped By Us does not deal directly with money, we will never ask for you to transfer any funds to us, all we will do is confirm the amount and ask sponsors to fill in the sponsors terms and condition which can be downloaded from this page.

How will sponsored money be used?

Sponsorship money can be used in anyway to further the project, it can be used to support the team, and their activities or in getting that great idea off the ground. The decision on how the sponsorship money should be used should fall to the challenge leader(s) and the challenge team based on what is important; we would encourage sponsors to be closely involved with those challenges they sponsor. We would also encourage leaders to engage in dialogue with sponsors, as we have learnt a healthy relationship is a profitable one. We strongly advise completing the sponsors terms if as a sponsor you want apply terms to your sponsorship.

Sponsors form

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