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Adding Ideas

How to find the best ideas?

Ideas can be added by anyone, whether they are signed up to Shaped By Us or not, but only those who have signed up are able to comment on ideas, rate ideas and support the ones they like the best. Ideas with the most support and shaping suggestions will be pushed to the top of the list. Ideas that meet the criteria are the ones that are most likely to be taken forward by the team leader.

Strong leadership

Anyone can join a challenge team to contribute ideas. The creator of a challenge automatically becomes the team leader, however any team member can request leadership. The challenge leader can choose to hand over challenge leadership completely, share responsibility or decline the request. 


Gather together a passionate a diverse team

Having a passionate and diverse team is vital. Team members can use social media and email sharing to try and recruit people who may be interested in an idea and could offer to help in some way?

Share information and inspiration

Team members can use the 'Inspiration wall' to share thoughts, links, videos or images - anything that can inspire bigger, better ideas to power the challenge forward. 

Talk to each other

'Team talk' can also be used to share more information about the challenge with the team.

Leaders should encourage team members to insight into the nature of the challenge and the relevance of the idea. Before you can move on, you need to have a leader in place and at least one idea.

Keep things moving

It is up the to the challenge leader to decide when there are has been enough ideas added and when the time is right to vote for one the team would like to take forward.


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