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Health & Care

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How can we make homes safer and reduce trips and falls amongst the vulnerable elderly?

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Housing presents a significant challenge for many local authorities, with a growing percentage of disabled and elderly residents living in homes with hazards that contribute to poor health such as pneumonia, asthma, mental health and injuries resulting from falls. One third of people over the age of 65 experience a fall at least once a year. Having a fall when you are elderly can have a devastating effect, 1 in 10 people become too afraid to leave their homes, and they gradually become more isolated and less engaged in activities that keep them healthy. Injuries resulting from falls have a huge impact on costs for social and health services and with an ever increasing aging population is is important to focus on services that keep older people healthy and promote independence.

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Inspiration 2 Ideas to tackle this

Anonymous   ·  3 years ago  ·   Flag Flag

Employ immigrants to live with them

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Anonymous   ·  3 years ago  ·   Flag Flag

Could cornwall link with other areas of the country and fund a National awareness campaign through a significant channel - eg tv or radio advertising? Cornwall couldn't afford this alone, but with budget from health & social care authorities across the country, could it be feasible? Awareness could be targeted at vulnerable elderly & those close to them - eg family, neighbours

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