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How can we inspire young people to vote in local and general elections?

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Many young people have told us that voting doesn't mean they are "having a say". They feel their voice is not well represented by any political party. How do we change that?

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Inspiration 5 Ideas to tackle this


Alex Petherick-Brian  ·  2 years ago  ·   Flag Flag

Make young people more aware that there are actually some political partys that will try to represent them, such as "The Pirate Party"

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Alex Petherick-Brian  ·  2 years ago  ·   Flag Flag

Seperate politically from the rest of the UK, so we can drop "First Past the Post" and adopt a form of proportional representation.

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Deborah Richards  ·  3 years ago  ·   Flag Flag

I agree totally social media, especially twitter, has a huge role to play but too many politicians don't fully understand it and have 'silly rules' about allowing their staff to use Twitter. It is cheap, effective and relevant to the community they are needing to reach. Tackling this is critical. One way to do this would be to encourage the young, especially women, to get on board with #emilymatters campaign is aimed at explaining that although it was 100 years ago that Emily Davison died under the Kings Horse at Ascot as part of the Votes for Women Suffrage movement her message is still important today - if you want something participation in the existing channels is important and can change things. Encouraging young people to look at this will help them to see a wider world - people from all backgrounds supporting the same idea: to force change in our world we have to participate and a very good, relatively simple place to start is the ballot box. Working with young people to register to vote, again through Twitter and Social Media with links to registration sites. Very similar to the Obama campaign. During Election Campaigns there needs to be a politically neutral but exciting voice using social media making it clear it's cool to be cross (in the box!) Raising awareness of existing campaigns like this by asking our local MP's to support efforts to increase participation will help, this problem needs to be tackled from both sides. Politicians need to participate in the communication channels that the younger voter is familiar with and uses.

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Kathryn Woolf  ·  3 years ago  ·   Flag Flag

Have you seen the X List? A campaign by Cornwall Council to encourage young people to vote. They have been working with Sea Communications to design a touring 10 Downing Street. Young people can have their photo taken outside number 10 and their message gets sent to Government! #xlistcornwall on Twitter

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Robert Woolf  ·  3 years ago  ·   Flag Flag

Encourage politicians to debate with young people using social media.

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